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How to set up your own Web 2.0
Digg-esque site!

Web 2.0 is an exciting moment and Digg is one of the leaders of the pack.

The moment I saw Digg I wanted a site like it. It’s just so perfect for a community coming together on any topic. I assumed it would be impossible to get a similar site up and running, but then I came across Pligg, which is an open source version. I’ve set it up and now have my own social community web 2.0 site running of which I am inordinately proud.
Want a site of your own? It’s perfectly possible, but a little tricky, so here is the method I used to get my site up and running.

Before you do anything you need to set up a Mysql database and user for Pligg. Once you have done that, download pligg from and unzip it.

Now upload all the files to your webspace.
Open the config.php file and alter define('my_base_url', 'http://localhost') to your base URL (no slash after the URL)
If installing in a subdomain then add the subdomain before the slash in the next line: define('my_pligg_base', '/')
Upload config.php
Now set the permissions:
chmod 777:
/configs directory
/templates_c directory

Open a browser and navigate to YOURSITE.COM//install/install.php
Delete the /install folder.
chmod 655:

Now login to the account god with password 12345 and start work on your new social website!
Errors are generally owing to not setting the permissions correctly.
Pligg is a great community tool, so big up to the boys at


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