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The 80s! Was there ever a better decade than the 80s! If so I'd like to see it! Bring back the 80s!
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1980s T shirts
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The 1980s! The decade when everyone who knows anything about nothing wishes that they had lived through and that hardcore brainiacs wish still existed. Why can't it still be the Eighties goes up the cry at countless Eighties parties from Soho to Greenwich, where you will see hundreds of 1980s T shirts advertising all the great bands and attitudes of the Eighties. What's your favorite Eighties T shirt? ask anyone that question and the RELAX, Frankie goes to Hollywood T shirt is almost always top of the list. This was a design classic of 1980s T shirts, bringing style, wit and celebrity to the T shirt that - though having sparkled its way through the 1970s - was in need of a return to basics, a simplicity that evoked the eighties decade, an enigmatic simple word emblazoned on a big white T shirt - this for many is the world of the Eighties, the world of Eighties T shirts that so many of us want to return to, want to love and cherish with a retro- 1980s t shirt design that will bring a smile to the face and a boogie to the knee!

Eighties T shirts celebrate everyone from Adam Ant to ZZ top and everyone and everything in between. Whether the Falklands war or Reaganonmics there is an eighties T shirt for you. The Eighties were a period of extreme social and international boundary-pushing, a time of artistic excess and aesthetic appreciation that was rarely matched until the decadence of the final fin de siecle. Without a doubt the Eighties provided the impetus ( and some say the negative strands of excitement) without which the world would have collapsed under its own psuedo-narcissistic leanings. The eighties and in particular that part of culture - the eighties t shirt - is responsible more than most people realise for the shaping of the society that we live in today. Take away Eighties T shirts, skip the 1980s altogether and you would have a world peopled by automatons and no individualism. 1980s T shirts are the key to the world as we know it. If only more people knew it!

extract from 'I love T shirts' by Jonathan Powell